A Strong industrial Foundation

more than 500 acres available

Industrial Land | Warehousing

The Joplin Metro area’s position for serving national markets is equal to Chicago or Kansas City, with 5.2 million people that can be reached within a 150 mile radius. Close proximity to interstate 40 and 44 (east-west) and Interstate 49 (north-south) allows Joplin to connect to every region in the country.

Benton County, Arkansas, home to Wal-Mart Headquarters, is just one hour away from the property and Joplin is well-positioned geographically to serve as a distribution center for many of their suppliers.


Skilled Labor Force​

Joplin’s strong business foundation is comprised of a skilled labor force, easy transportation access, reasonable operating costs and local government that proactively seeks new business to the area as well as continues to work with existing businesses to promote retention and growth.

The Business Environment Starts with Accessibility

Not only does Wildwood Ranch boast exceptional highway accessibility, but the site is also within 110 miles of four airports that serve the region, providing commercial and cargo service to markets worldwide. Additionally, the site has railroad access through BNSF, with tie-ins to Missouri Northern Arkansas and Kansas City Southern railroads within a few short miles, Wildwood Ranch Industrial Park the opportunity to reach every market in the world.

For complete demographics of the area, request a free Analysis Report through the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce.


“Diversity” and “high-quality” define the workforce of the Joplin region, accommodating nationally renowned businesses as well as great local and regional firms. In numerous surveys of business climate, regional employers consistently give high marks to the efficiency and productivity of their employees. This is particularly true with those that have operations in other parts of the country.


The Enhanced Enterprise Zone Program is a discretionary program offering state tax credits accompanied by local real property tax abatement. Wildwood Ranch is a part of the Enhanced Enterprise Zone Tax Benefit Program.

Missouri Department of Economic Development offers for-profit and non-profit businesses incentives to locate or expand their operations by offering the Missouri Quality Jobs Program. For more information view the Missouri Quality Jobs Program.

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